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The University of Sheffield Faculty of Arts and Humanities aims to collaborate with partners beyond academia to co-identify outstanding problems and co-create unique solutions driven by the arts and humanities.

Every problem in contemporary life has a human dimension. Problems of global or local economies, individual or collective well-being, changing communities, and conflicting worldviews all relate to human interaction, behaviour, understanding, desire, and imagination.  Arts and Humanities scholars are uniquely trained to explore, negotiate, map, and manage these extremely complex and often contradictory dimensions, and to engage with the public in clear and meaningful ways about complicated ideas. We have extensive experience working with businesses and the private sector, and with local communities, to explore their histories, heritage, language, complexities, contradictions, diversity, and identity. We work with private and public groups in many ways: sharing and writing their stories; creating films and exhibitions about their heritage; exploring their use of language and its impact on the world around them; and discussing literature and history to shine a light on contemporary life.


The Faculty contributes to city-wide and national festivals by partnering with creative and cultural organisations and people.


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We have a YouTube channel to showcase films featuring our researchers.

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Key Partners and Projects

The Faculty has a number of strategic partners who we work with to explore key topics of mutual interest.

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