The Faculty contributes to city-wide and national Festivals by partnering with creative and cultural organisations and people to plan events and exhibitions that make the most of the collaboration.
Festival of the Mind, Off the Shelf, Being Human and more provide a platform for our research and ways of engaging with the people of Sheffield.
Off the Shelf

Off the Shelf is Sheffield’s literary festival, one of the largest in the UK. It’s jointly led by the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. As well as welcoming world-renowned writers to Sheffield, the festival also provides a platform for sharing some of our most exciting and pioneering research with the public.

Festival of the Mind

Festival of the Mind is the University of Sheffield’s flagship creative festival. It is a unique collaboration between our academics and Sheffield’s cultural and creative industries, producing stunning art work, performances and events that contribute to the city’s cultural life.

Being Human

Being Human is the UK’s national Festival of Arts and Humanities promoting public engagement with research. The Festival highlights the ways in which humanities research can inspire and enrich our everyday lives, helping us to understand ourselves, our relationships with others and the challenges we face. This year’s festival takes place between 14 and 23 November 2019. Watch this space for more details or have a look at the Being Human Festival website.

Mobile University

Climb aboard a vintage bus, meet Sheffield researchers and hear them bring their research to life with our Mobile University. This biennial festival features short talks on everything from accents to musicals.